March 1-11, Ukraine, Kyiv!

Guarantee ₴11.000.000. 5* Premier Palace Hotel.

Ukrainian-Israeli joint stage.



Ukraine Poker Open & Israel Poker Championship Tour with the support of Grompoker returns to Kyiv again with a joint stage in early March.

More than ₴32,000,000 of the prize money played at the end of the series in Odessa and Kyiv, which is more than $1,200,000 - last year there were two coolest stages of UPO, filled with positive and a lot of positive impressions. The long-awaited return of the Ukrainian-Israeli series is waiting for us from March 1 to March 11, this time the guaranteed prize pool will be a record ₴11,000,000!

We will welcome the beginning of March 2022 with great poker, selected action and emotions, as well as the best parties and entertainment. We have prepared another updated schedule for you, of course, increased the guaranteed prize pool, improved some tournaments and adjusted the structures, as well as added even more opportunities to qualify through online satellites.




Cooperation with the most popular Israeli poker series makes the lineups one of the best. A lot of Israeli players come to the joint stages with UPO in Kyiv, and in March we expect about 150 Israeli fighters. It is obvious that the game in such an international composition, both at the tournament and at the cash tables, is very different. Among the guests from Israel, you can rarely meet regular players, most of them are amateurs, and if you add to this even more winners of online satellites at Grompoker, you can safely say that it is hard to find lineups like those at the joint UPO and IPC stages.

Many people know that Pokerstyle Events series always have a warm and friendly atmosphere. The coolest entertainment awaits you: special parties in the best nightclubs in Kyiv, karaoke battles, intellectual and sports games. A great start to spring and a lot of quality poker, our guests come not only for the best poker tournaments, but also for a good rest and breakaway, and this is guaranteed to them.

Immerse yourself in the indescribable atmosphere of the UPO by going to the Ukraine Poker Open Instagram account in the stories section. There are a lot of interesting materials, many of which remain behind the scenes.


At the upcoming UPO & IPC Kyiv, we have increased the guaranteed prize money in tournaments to a record ₴11,000,000 or $400,000. Although these prizes are a formality, and at the joint Ukrainian-Israeli stages the prizes are often much higher than those declared, however, this fact shows how many participants are expected and what minimum prize money can be expected.


Take a look at our series schedule. We believe that poker tournaments should be accessible to a wide range of players, but at the same time have impressive prizes. We also try to make more great events, and not limited to 3 main tournaments, as is customary. Combining the right balance of one-day and multi-day, progressive knockouts and regular tournaments, with a deep structure and turbocharged is not an easy task, whether we succeeded this time we will find out very soon, in March 2022.

The practice of two main events will continue, and two main tournaments have once again lurked in the Kyiv schedule. The first IPC Main Event will take place at the beginning of the series from March 2 to March 6 with a guarantee of ₴2,500,000, with a buy-in from just ₴3400. The second main - UPO Main Event with a buy-in of ₴7700 and a guarantee of ₴1,500,000 will take place from 8 to 11 March. The two largest tournaments of the series, the compositions of which promise to be incredibly bright and colorful.




How much does it cost to go to a poker series? It often happens that living expenses and daily expenses take up an impressive part of the travel budget, or vice versa. In the case of UPO, a perfect balance has been struck.

The capital of Ukraine is accessible from many cities. Unfortunately, direct flights with Belarus and Russia are still closed, but you can still get there by plane. The land border is still available, both in the case of air travel and in the case of land border crossing, a negative PCR or certificate is required (Satellite will not work), as well as a basis for entry. Contact our administrator and we will help you with all the documents, there will be no problems at the border - Viber/WhatsApp/Telegram +380-63-726-52-69.

The new venue is the five-star Premier Palace Hotel with luxurious apartments, located in the very center of Kyiv. A single/double room here will cost players from €99/night, an alternative option is the Rus Hotel (€42/night). A huge number of apartments nearby from just ₴700/night ($25) - a great choice for large companies. Food costs are also quite low, there are many inexpensive cafes and restaurants nearby where you can have a delicious lunch and feel the diversity and atmosphere of the Ukrainian capital.


A trip to a poker series is a great break and reset for most of our guests. Of course, what happens at the poker tables is the most important part of any poker series trip, but what else is there to do besides casino and poker? What to see, where to go, who to meet, where to walk and have fun - this is an equally important issue for many, especially for amateur players for whom poker is not a way to earn money.

Kyiv is ideal in this regard. This is a big city: the capital of the country, here you will find parks and museums, karaoke, nightclubs, new acquaintances and adventures. Kyiv is generally a very party city, and all this is close to large-scale tournaments, there is where to go and where to get distracted. Our guests come not only for great poker tournaments, but also to have a good rest and break away, and this is guaranteed, as well as $ 400,000 in prize money in tournaments.

Add to this our signature entertainment and parties, karaoke, mafia tournaments and adrenaline kart tournaments, a fun FIFA tournament on the Playstation. We know how to hang out and relax, and UPO in Kyiv is the perfect place for poker relaxation and entertainment.



1️⃣ IPC MAIN EVENT ₴3,400/₴14,000 ($500). Guaranteed ₴2,500,000.

15.000/75.000 stacks, 15/20/35/40/45 minute levels. The main event of our Israeli poker partners in the Israel Poker Championship Tour. There will be more than 150 Israeli players, you can imagine the dynamics of the game yourself. Still the same accessible main format, but now in 2 stages. In Stage 1 for ₴3400, participants get 15,000 chips at the start and play up to 20% of the rest, advancing directly to Day 1A with stacks built. All interested participants who have not completed or participated in the ₴3,400 buy-in stages go directly to Day 1A for ₴14,000, receiving a starting stack of 75,000 chips. Thanks to this format, more new players can take part in the main event of the IPC Tour.

In the Israeli main, which took place in Kyiv October, Vladimir Legkiy from Odessa won. The payout to the champion was an impressive ₴1,000,000. This time the guarantee is ₴2,500,000, which means that the winner of the main will get much more.

2️⃣ UPO MAIN EVENT ₴7700 ($275). Guarantee ₴1.500.000.

75.000 stacks, 12/35/40/45 minute levels. Ukraine Poker Open main event. Grompoker will give away many tickets to this event. Classic main format. Members receive 75,000 chips at the start and play 13 levels on each start day. All entrants who pass from Day 1A, 1B and 1C Turbo entrances will be placed on the combined Day 2, which will have one more level of late registration. Online satellites at Grompoker will start with freerolls and will run to Day 1A with an entry fee of ₴7700. Note that the starting Day 1A levels are 5 minutes longer than Day 1B. On Day 2, you still have time to join the game.

An amateur from Vinnytsia - Sergey Sas, excelled in a similar main in October, having received ₴500.000 for the top 1.

3️⃣ GROMPOKER PROGRESSIVE CUP ₴2700+₴800 ($130). Guarantee ₴1.000.000.

A large-scale three-day headliner tournament with a democratic fee and a solid prize pool will take place in the middle of the series. Four entry days with levels ranging from 15 to 25 minutes, stacks are added together. In which of the entrance days to take part, in one, several or even all - it's up to you. Remember, on the combined Day 2, you will have a stack obtained by adding up the stacks you filled on the entrance days 1A, 1B, 1C and 1D, on the final day of the levels of 30 minutes. This tournament can also be qualified through Grompoker's extensive network of online satellites, the winners of which will receive tickets to Day 1A.

Ivan Kuziv, having overcome a clearing of more than 330 entries in a similar tournament in October, finished top 1 and earned almost ₴200,000 in prize money.

4️⃣​​ UKRAINE MASTERS EVENT ₴25000 (₴15000+₴10000) ($900). Guarantee ₴1.000.000.

Unofficial High Roller Tournament. This event will take place in a new format, with a huge progressive knockout of ₴10,000, thanks to which you will find a dynamic game and solid prize money for the winner. The start stage has a buy-in of just ₴5,800, participants receive a stack of 20,000 chips and play up to 20% of the number of entries, going straight to Day 1 with their stacks. The starting stage takes place in a classic format, without knockouts. Already on Day 1 and Day 2 you can enter for ₴24300 and get yourself 100,000 checkers. On the final day there will be 2 more levels of late registration.

Yakov Winter became the champion of the High Roller tournament in October and earned ₴245,000 in prize money.

5️⃣​ GRAND PROGRESSIVE KNOCKOUTS CUP ₴2400/₴7000+₴3000 ($370). Guarantee ₴500.000.

A two-day event with a worthy prize fund of half a million hryvnias, which will be held at the end of the series. With a rather impressive buy-in of ₴10,000 on the main entry day, you can get into it through a stage with a buy-in of just ₴2400, while maintaining your stack.

On the final day of the tournament, 4 more levels will be available for late registration.

Pavel Meshkov from Mogilev won more than ₴180,000 in this tournament in October and took his first trophy at the UPO.

6️⃣ WELCOME DEEPSTACK PROGRESSIVE SUPERKNOCKOUT EVENT ₴1000/₴2000+₴2200 ($150). Guarantee ₴500.000.

The one-day progressive knockout opening tournament with an excellent structure and a modest $150 buy-in is a great warm-up event at the start of the series. Please note that there is only one entrance day in this event, you can enter this tournament through the stage with a buy-in of only ₴2400, while maintaining your stack.

7️⃣​ ISRAEL PROGRESSIVE SUPERKNOCKOUT EVENT ₴4000+₴6000 ($360). Guarantee ₴1.000.000.

A mega-popular one-day tournament with even bigger knockout rewards and an impressive prize pool of ₴1,000,000. Another million-strong tournament, of which there are 5 in the series schedule. This event is just the case when, without getting into the prize zone, you can still leave with good prize money. Starting stack increased to 50,000 and knockouts to ₴6000, 25 and 30 minute levels. At the final table, bounties for players reach ₴200,000.


Online qualifiers are a great opportunity to come to the offline series already with a ticket to the tournament, and not even one. Traditionally, our partners will raffle off a decent number of tickets to the most key tournaments of the series. At Grompoker you can win a buy-in or a package that also includes airfare and accommodation in a 5* hotel. Grompoker will host even more online satellites for the March round in Kyiv.

Players from Belarus and Russia can also make deposits and play satellites. Deposits from Russia should be made through the Grompoker support via telegram. The satellite schedule will be available soon.

Grompoker raffled off about 100 tickets to the last UPO stage in Kyiv, and 140 tickets to the UPO stage in Odessa. This time our online partners promise even more tickets and packages. Grompoker is still quite a young room, and many satellites here are held with the expected overlays, which means that the chances of players are even higher. Don't miss this opportunity offered by our online partner.


The March stage of the UPO & IPC Tour will take place in a new top location. The five-star Premier Palace Hotel with luxurious apartments, located in the very center of Kyiv, will be ready to welcome everyone. A single/double room here will cost players from €99/night.

An alternative option, located within walking distance from the venue of the series - 3⭐️ hotel Rus. Here the cost of living is €42/night. (1300 UAH)

Kyiv is a big city, it is full of offers for daily rent of apartments. Over the past six months, the cost of renting apartments has decreased significantly. Prices start at $25, and if you are traveling with a group, this is a great option, you can see, for example, on

For additional details about accommodation, please contact our manager Svetlana - Viber/Whatsa'pp/Telegram +38 095 789 26 96.


Ground communication is open for Belarusians and Russians. It is best to go by bus, this practice has been tested by players since the Odessa stage. In the case of land border crossing, you need a negative PCR or a certificate (Sputnik, unfortunately, is not suitable yet), as well as a basis for entry.

As before, we can issue invitations for foreign guests to cross the border. Contact our administrator and we will help you with all the documents, there will be no problems at the border - Viber/WhatsApp/Telegram +380-63-726-52-69.

*It is important for everyone to know!

- You must have an identity document with you and that you are over 18 years old.

- Payment of prize money and registration in tournaments is possible only upon presentation of a passport.

- The official language of the series is Ukrainian/Russian/English.

- Tickets won repeatedly in online satellites can be used as tournament money for the series.

- Buyins in tournaments are indicated in hryvnias (approximate buyin value in $ in brackets)

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