October 7-17, Ukraine, Kyiv!

Guarantee ₴ 10.000.000. Hotel "Bratislava". Supported by the slot club "4444".

Ukrainian-Israeli joint stage.


Shalom friends!

We are glad to present you the announcement of a large joint Ukrainian-Israeli stage of UKRAINE POKER OPEN and the most famous Israeli poker series ISRAEL POKER CHAMPIONSHIP TOUR with the support of Grompoker in the capital of Ukraine.

The future large-scale stage will be held in Kyiv from 7 to 17 October, the guaranteed prize pool of the series is ₴ 10.000.000 ($ 370.000).

We have finalized the tournament schedule taking into account the latest offline poker trends and the wishes of our guests, 11 days of exciting tournament formats, cash games and truly international lineups are waiting for you. And of course, the unique atmosphere of friendship, relaxation and great poker in Kyiv.

The guarantee of the series will be 10 million, we are sure that it will be exceeded with the same ease as at our last stage UPO Odessa in early August, where about 17 million were collected. And this means even more and more prizes for our participants.

About 100 players from Israel were supposed to fly to Odessa for the August stage of UPO, due to quarantine restrictions adopted in Israel, about 20 participants flew to Odessa (upon returning home, the Israelis had to go through a 7-day quarantine), and the purchased tickets were postponed. Now these restrictions have been lifted, which means that more than 100 Israeli guests will arrive in Kiev and an unusual sight for Ukraine awaits us. Pokerstyle Events makes a special effort to attract international guests, so don't be surprised if you see guests from Poland, Germany, Turkey or South Africa next to you.


➤ The first truly international Ukrainian-Israeli stage of the UPO & IPC Tour in Kyiv
➤ Series guarantee - ₴ 10.000.000, five tournaments with million prize pool, each tournament with its own guarantee
➤ Updated schedule. Two Main Tournaments - from the Ukraine Poker Open and the Israel Poker Championship
➤ Excellent tournaments with democratic buy-ins, solid prize pools and smooth structures
➤ High roller tournament Ukraine Masters in Progressive Knockout format
➤ TV Poker with open cards, live TV broadcasts of key tournaments
➤ Affordable accommodation at the location of the series
➤ Lots of tickets to key tournaments in online satellites at Grompoker. Last time 140 tickets were raffled off!
➤ A bright game in the format of single-table tournaments with non-replaceable blinds non-stop for 9-10 tables.




Yes friends. The practice of the two main events continues, with two main tournaments lurking in the schedule at once. This time, the first IPC Main Event will take place at the beginning of the series, as the Israeli guests are eager to get to Kiev, they are arriving on the 7th. The guarantee for the IPC Main Event is ₴ 1,800,000, and the buy-in is only ₴ 3300. The second main - UPO Main Event with a buy-in of ₴ 7700 and a guarantee of ₴ 1.300.000 will be held from 13 to 17 October. Two of the largest tournaments in the series, the rosters of which promise to be incredibly bright and colorful. This means that we will have a lot of action and emotion at the tables. Read more about each tournament below.


TV broadcasts on the previous UPO episodes impressed everyone, even the most indifferent. Visual and technical components, everything was at a good level. We are not going to break tradition, let friends and acquaintances see your triumph live. For example, wining cup of the main Event and becoming the champion of the UPO under the gun cameras is not a bad goal, won't you agree?


The first, truly Ukrainian-Israeli stage. In addition to 100+ Israeli players, dozens of guests from Turkey, Poland and other European countries will come to Kyiv. PokerStyle Events puts a special emphasis on its foreign foreign guests.


Lots of Progressive Knockout tournaments, each with their own guarantee. In the last years, the "progressive" format offline has won the hearts of poker players all over the world and has become really popular. We decided to add a good dose of action and implemented this format, even the High Roller tournament will be held in this format.


Many people know that there is always a warm and friendly atmosphere at the Pokerstyle Events series. The coolest entertainment awaits you: special offers in the best nightclubs in Kyiv, karaoke battle, intellectual and sport games. Golden autumn and a lot of quality poker, our guests come not only for the best poker tournaments, but also for a good rest and a break, and this will be guaranteed.


Our partners from Grompoker will provide plenty of tickets to the most important tournaments of the series. Grompoker is actively growing and offers inexpensive play in two headliner tournaments - Grompoker Progressive Stack + Cup and UPO Main Event. It is much easier to win a ticket to a tournament at Grompoker, many satellites are held with overlays, which means that the players' chances are even higher. Grompoker raffled off more than 140 tickets for the Odessa stage.


We have created special attention to the composition of the dealers in the upcoming phase. At UPO, as before in our other offline series, a team of the most professional and attractive dealers will be formed.


IPC MAIN EVENT 3300 / ₴ 13500 ($ 500).
Guarantee ₴ 1.800.000.

Stacks 20,000 / 100,000, levels 15/20/35/40/45 minutes. All the same main format available, but now in 2 stages. In Stage 1 for ₴ 3,300 players will receive 20,000 chips at the start and play up to 20% of the rest, going straight to Day 1A with collected stacks. All interested participants, who did not pass or did not participate in the stages with a buy-in of ₴ 3300, enter Day 1A directly for ₴ 13,500, receiving a starting stack of 100,000 chips. In this format, more new players can take part in the main event of the IPC Tour. Note the levels in Day1a are 5 minutes longer than in Day1b.

The winner of this event of the last stage was German player Felix Schulz, who received ₴700,000!

UPO MAIN EVENT ₴ 7700 ($ 280).
Guarantee ₴ 1.300.000.

Stacks 80,000, levels 12/35/40/45 minutes. Classic main format. Participants receive 80,000 chips at the start and play a certain amount of 13 levels on each of the starting entrance days. All participants who pass from the entrance Day 1A, 1B and 1C Turbo enter the combined Day 2, in which there will be another level of late registration. Online satellites at Grompoker start with freerolls and run by Day 1A with an entry fee of ₴ 7700.

Pay attention to the starting Day1a levels are 5 minutes longer than Day1b.

Last time the guarantee of this tournament was exceeded on the first game day, there were about 400 registrations in total, and the winner Artem Poddubny from Moldova received ₴ 540,000!

GROMPOKER PROGRESSIVE STACK + CUP ₴ 2700 + ₴ 800 ($ 130).
Guarantee ₴ 1.100.000.

A large-scale three-day headliner tournament with a democratic entry and a solid prize pool will take place in the middle of the series. Four entry days with levels ranging from 15 to 25 minutes, stacks are accumulative. In which of the entrance days to participate, in one, several or even in all - you decide. Remember that in a combined Day 2, you will have a stack made by adding the stacks won by you on entry days 1A, 1B, 1C, and 1D, on the final day of 30 minute levels. You can also win a ticket to this tournament at online satellites at Grompoker, the winners of which will receive tickets to Day 1A.

At the last stage of the UPO, Andrey Shmatko bypassed 514 participants of this event and received more than ₴ 200,000 in prize money.

UKRAINE MASTERS EVENT ₴ 5800 / ₴ 24300 (14300 + 10000) ($ 900).
Guarantee ₴ 1.000.000.

Unofficial High Roller Tournament. This event will be held in a new format, with a huge progressive knockout of ₴ 10.000, you will find a dynamic game and a solid prize for the winner. At the starting stage, the buy-in will be ₴ 5800, participants receive a stack of 20,000 chips and play up to 20% of the number of entries, going to Day 1 with the collected stacks. The starting stage is held in a classic format, without knockouts. Already in Day 1 and Day 2 you can go for ₴ 24300 and get 100,000 chips. On the final day, there will be 2 more levels of late registration.

At the last stage, players and amateurs from Israel took the TOP 2 live in this tournament, Shmuel Madar - ₴ 390,000, Hamoun Habibi - ₴ 276,625.

Guarantee ₴ 1.000.000.

A mega-popular one-day tournament with even bigger knockout rewards and an impressive ₴ 1,000,000 prize pool. Another million tournament out of 5 million tournaments in the schedule of the series. This event is just the case when, without getting into the prize zone, you can still leave with good prize money. Starting stack increased to 50,000 as well, knockouts to ₴ 6,000 and levels of 25 and 30 minutes. At the final table, the player bounty reaches ₴ 200,000. Bogdan Rybalko won this tournament at the last stage and received ₴ 440,000, 230 players took part in total, this time we expect even more participants in this event.


The upcoming Ukrainian-Israeli stage will take place in the renovated hotel "Bratislava", on the territory of which the largest slot hall in Ukraine "4444" is located. The Ukraine Poker Open stage will be held with the support of the Sports Poker Federation and the Professional Poker Federation, the event is already included in the register of sports events of the Ministry of Sports of Ukraine.

Address: Andrey Malishka 1


Bratislava Hotel is a freshly renovated 4 * hotel located on the left coast of Kyiv.

The hotel provides special conditions for UPO accommodation.

Standard single room in the Bratislava Hotel, at a special discount for guests series, will cost only 1300 ₴ / night.

Prices for other room categories will be announced shortly.

Come to Kiev from 7 to 17 October to play high-quality and atmospheric poker, as well as having relax and a great time in the capital of Ukraine.

Important to remember! Due to the many foreign players who will be booking hotel rooms very soon, most likely there will be no vacant rooms at the start of the series. Dear players and guests of the series, please make your hotel reservation in advance.

*It is important for everyone to know!

- You must have an identity document and the fact that you are 21 years old.

- The payment of prize money and the registration in tournaments is possible only upon presentation of a passport.

- The official language of the series is Ukrainian / Russian.

- Tickets won again in online satellites can be used as tournament money for the series.

Tournaments buy-ins are indicated in UAH (in brackets the approximate buy-in cost in $)

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